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Holistic Mentor and Energy Healing

Your Journey to Self Renewal

"You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year, month, or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to grow. No apologies" 
-Alan Watts

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Hello! My name is Jamie. I am so grateful you decided to visit my site. I want to welcome you in and am excited to build a very intimate and special relationship with you. My journey began in the Fall of 2019. It took place in my first ceremony and from that moment life was never the same. I started seeing life in a much more beautiful light and was awakened to a better world. I knew it was my purpose to share my story with others and help them break free from old patterns and start living a richer, more meaningful life. 

I am an esthetician by trade, and a healer by birthright. With over 19 years of experience working closely with thousands of clients and participating in many courses, retreats, and delving into my own healing; I am here now to help guide you, so you create the life you have longed to live. 

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My Offerings

Medicine for the Soul

Soul*is*tic; the innate understanding of the potential found within a person's attributes of the mind, body, heart and distinctly, the soul which, when combined create a powerful synergy uniquely reflective of the individual and inspires, empowers and nurtures their quest for wholeness, true well-being, authenticity, purpose and meaning.

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Mentorship Program

Using a holistic approach and ancient wisdom, I help guide you along your journey. Together we embark on this path that will give you the opportunity to heal core wounds, break old patterns, set goals, and set intentions to create a life where you are living in absolute sovereignty.  Our time together can be on a call or in person. Each  session consists of talking, guided meditations, and exercises to help you become aware of your innate wisdom. Throughout the time of our coaching, there will be accountability check-ins, daily tips, and access through emails. 

$444 a month


Reiki is an ancient, holistic energy-healing practice. With your session, you will receive Universal energy and healing that can help with stress, physical pain, disease, depression and anxiety. It can improve your mood and emotions, heal past traumas, and guide you on your spiritual path. 

60 minutes- $111

Distance Reiki- $44

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Breath Coaching

Breath is life! Our breath can be the compass to guide us as to what is going on within our body and our mind. We were all born to breathe perfectly, but over time and with life experiences we can begin to breathe incorrectly, which can result in many health issues.  In our session, I guide you to change your patterns. Re-learning to breathe will help increase your overall well-being, as well as give you exercises to use as a daily practice. Breathing done properly can improve sleep, depression and anxiety, help with clarity and focus, aid in digestion, remove toxins, improve mood and blood pressure.

30 minutes- $66

60 minutes- $111

90 minutes- $143

Sacred Soul Ceremonies

From our earliest years we have been imprinted with words, experiences and traumas that form a belief system as how we react and live our lives. With a customizable ceremony, I facilitate and hold space as you do profound work that will awaken your soul, bring light to your shadows and give you clarity on living your life in awareness and with purpose. Through these ceremonies, past wounds can healed, habits can be broken, boundaries can be set and you can fully step into your power.


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Spiritual Facial

Our skin is the gateway to our inner beauty. We are unique in our own way. Your facial is customized with the appropriate skin care to what your skin needs for the season. With sound, scent, and touch your soul will drift off to another dimension. With this offering you will receive a double cleanse, steam, an exfoliation, hot towels, mask, massage on face, decollete, hands, arms, and scalp, and topped of with serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Not only will your skin leave feeling fresh and renewed, so will your soul. 

75 minute- $155

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Personal Experiences with Jamie

Image by Sarah Brown

"I discovered Jamie several years ago when I needed her skills as an excellent esthetician and thoroughly enjoyed the quality of both her work and her character. As a Reiki practitioner she has come even more into her own, with a skill set that is as thorough and therapeutic as it is comforting and compassionate. Thoroughly enjoyable experience that left me with a deep and lasting feeling of stillness and serenity that took me pleasantly by surprise."

Samantha K

Image by Oleg Illarionov

"Jamie facilitated my first ever breathwork session. She set the expectations, gave clear guidance and provided all the tools for a successful therapeutic experience. During my session I felt many emotions ranging from anger, sadness, joy, love and forgiveness. There were tears as well as smiles! By the end I felt restored, centered and grounded. Jamie is intuitive, kind, compassionate and professional. I look forward to personal growth in future sessions!"

Jessica M

Image by Tim Mossholder

My journey with Jamie gave me a sense of encouragement and fulfillment. Having never opened myself up to the possibility of completely letting my guard down and exploring my true thoughts I had no idea it would have a positive impact on my life. Being in the corporate world can harden you and the journey allowed me to feel again. I look forward to another session and highly recommend Jamie. She made me feel comfortable to be myself with no judgement.

Desiree S

Image by Mor Shani

I’m fortunate and thankful that Jamie was able to assist and guide me on this new journey of self discovery!  I knew what I was wanting to achieve but had no clue on where or how to begin.  Throughout our time together, Jamie broke it down into simple tasks I could take home and implement.  I learned so much from thought forms, breathing techniques, meditating, and all of the different modalities available to me! Jamie is kind, patient, encouraging and I appreciated her going above and beyond by checking in with me throughout the week.  I look forward to our meetings weekly, as I know each time she is helping me get one step closer to myself as I journey deep inside to find my answers.  I highly recommend Jamie if you are seeking help, guidance, and assistance to self discovery and the power we hold within.

Amanda L

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